MCT Products & Services


Development of Biomedical informatics and communication technologies.

Every laboratory has a unique combination of hardware, software, methodologies and workflows. We can help you develop, setup & manage biomedical informatics solutions customized to your laboratory environment and workflow to efficiently manage all data from your Lab. We will acquire appropriate communication computational technologies e.g. VSAT, laptop computers, desktop computers and servers, to meet your specific needs.

Other areas that CTS can provide specialized service include;

  1. Digital Patient Registry
  2. Computerized maintenance management systems
  3. Medical Ophthalmic and Laboratory equipments


CTS Ltd provides a wide range of custom/distinctive services to support your research, improve your processes and improve the overall efficiency of your organization. Take advantage of the expertise of the CTS team and allow us design the solution and provide the tools that would work for your organization. Our services include;

  1. Planning, design, management and maintenance of research, clinical and diagnostics laboratories
  2. Development of research programs
  3. Rapid Diagnostics
  4. Training and support