Concurrent Technologies & Services Nigeria (CTSNG) is a top-notch DNA Testing Center in Nigeria that provides innovative products & support services leading to customized solutions for our clients in Africa.

DNA Testing & Forensics

We offer a broad spectrum of DNA test and banking solutions including paternity and maternity testing, missing person identification, and DNA reconstruction. With decades of experience under our belt we have provided rapid and customized DNA testing and Forensic solutions to government, defense and security organizations, universities, individuals and more.

Protein Analysis & Lifescience Technologies

With its partners, CTS provides specialized services in the life sciences and biomedical fields. These include genomics, proteomics and mass spectrometry services and support. We offer various biological reagents & kits to meet the needs of researchers in various fields.

Medical & Clinical Technologies

At CTS, we recognize the link between scientific research and healthcare and constantly strive to bridge the gap between discovery, validation and final translation of a research idea into clinical use. We provide a wide range of custom/distinctive services to support your research, improve your processes and the overall efficiency of your organization.





Our DNA Services

Paternity Testing
Relationship Testing
Maternity Testing
Grandparent Testing
Siblingship Test
Twin Zygosity Test
DNA Reconstruction
Avuncular Test
Male Lineage Test
Female Lineage Test
Non-Invasive Prenatal DNA Test
Human Remains Identification
Missing Person Identification
Disaster Victim Identification