Lifesciences Products Technologies

With a combined 30 years of experience, CTS has worked successfully with government and private organizations to develop a variety of research infrastructure. Additionally, with its partners, CTS provides specialized services in the life sciences and biomedical fields. These include genomics, proteomics and mass spectrometry services and support.

CTS utilizes state of the art instrumentation and software to service the needs of researches in both academia and industry. By using the services of CTS, clients are able to expand their capabilities and carryout more analytical research and increase productivity with minimal overhead cost.

CTS always strives to

    • Maintain strict confidentiality and protect client’s data/information.
    • Provide the highest quality sample preparation reagents for DNA, RNA and protein-based research.
    • Assist in project design and provide results in a ready-to-use format.
    • Implement Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and maintain strict quality control at all stages of a project.
    • Work within a client’s budget and timeline.

We offer a wide range of biological reagents & Kits to meet the needs of researchers in Universities/Colleges, Research Institutes, Government Researches, Pharmaceutical Companies amongst others. Our products include:

The use of DNA Banking equipment has become increasingly important in various ways such as the biomedical/drug discovery fields of research, forensics, paternity testing/legal cases, identification of remains to mention a few. Many organizations including biotechnology industries, the military, hospitals, police departments, universities and centers for disease control require DNA and tissue banks to be able to store every sample collected and in supporting their operations. CTS provides a comprehensive solution (Planning, Setup & Management) by using an approach that offers clients the unique opportunity to collect specimens, store, process and manage all the biomaterials and results generated using computerized management tools.

To achieve this, CTS will work with clients to design, develop and manage a fully integrated program to:

    • Collect DNA, biological and clinical specimen
    • Store collected DNA at room temperature
    • Store collected Tissue at cryogenic temperature
    • Analyze specimen
    • Distribute specimen between facilities as needed
    • Train personnel
    • Manage and maintain the facility to ensure its flexibility for addition of new technologies


CTS Ltd provides a wide range of custom/distinctive services to support your research, improve your processes and improve the overall efficiency of your organization. Take advantage of the expertise of the CTS team and allow us design the solution and provide the tools that would work for your organization.